Thursday, July 14, 2011

To See the World Through a Child's Eyes!

Ever since the girls were little, I tried to carry them to see their favorite characters at the movies! When they were little it was Pocahontas and the Lion King, Then Peter Pan and later the Jonas Brothers and others. Of course, mom always enjoyed the movies too!

I have always loved the snow, even though we usually don't get much in Georgia. Of course, we have to run outside as soon as the flakes stick.

here we are in the big snow of 2011 10 inches!

see how deep it was?

here is my sweet little girl, Virginia! Isn't see precious?

she had been very sick but balloons will cure anything!

who could resist this look?

One of the joys of childhood is playing at the park. This is Wild child One and Wild Child Two.

another joy of childhood is the Summer Reading Program!

How about a hike in the woods? Watch Out for the yellow jackets!

Another joy of childhood  is birthdays. Here is my Baby girl on her 18th birthday. Why did she have to grow up so fast?

Here are my beautiful girls at Christmas! I love the looks on the children's faces on Christmas !

There is nothing like playing in the sprinkler on a hot summer day!

One of the greatest joys of life is reading  to your children!

One of the sweetest sounds a mother could hear is her children's prayers.

Oh the joys of sitting around the camp fire making smores!

Or catching fireflies after dark!

There are so many joys of childhood that I could never post them all here! I am thankful I got the privilege and joy of sharing my children's lives! I could have done a lot of things with my life but the greatest joy of my life other than being saved was being a wife and mother!


ButterscotchDreamer said...

I enjoyed the movie memories! Breaking Dawn Part 1 this year! Yay! Love the snow too! Love Barney and my many different expression when I was a little girl. Wish I could still look that cute. Haha. Great pictures and memories of Beth and the boys and family outings. I love the other pictures as well especially the child praying. Love you! Great blog!

Sonkissedpeach24 said...

thanks honey love you too! you still look just as sweet and cute to me!

ButterscotchDreamer said...

thank you! I take after my beautiful Mommy! =D