Monday, July 11, 2011

Country Girl Down on the Farm

When I saw this picture, I knew I had to blog about it! This makes me drift back in time. I am a little girl in my Grandmother's kitchen! Oh how I love the smell of the wood burning stove!

This picture takes me back to my old home place in Virginia. I can just feel the sand under my feet as I see my home in the distance!

When I look at this picture, I just want to go explore this old barn Like I did as a young girl. I never will forget the time I narrowly escaped the charging bull!

I love this picture! I love to look at the beauty that God paints the morning and evening skies!

Oh the happy times that we have had in that old, country cabin in the holler!

I can just see my Mama sitting in this chair, reading by the lamp light.

The blog would not be complete without the cowboys that my Grandmother wrote about.

As I look at the picture, I dream I am walking through the field of wild flowers. And then I see it! The old home place! I run as fast as I can and run up the steps! There sits Mama rocking on the porch!

I know I am home when I see all the boots on the porch!

Love the red barn with the beautiful, American Flag!

oh the feeling of accomplishment after a long days work on the farm! The sun is about to set and supper is on the table! Mama comes outside and rings the bell for all the hands to come in!

The house is empty now but in the distance I can still hear the laughter of the children as the wind blows through the prairie.


ButterscotchDreamer said...

Sorry I have not commented on this before now. I really did forget and not on purpose. First, I love the song. I also like all of the pictures and the memories/stories you have included with each. My favorites are, well almost all of all the pictures, and I can't really choose between the stories either. Great blog! Love you!

Sonkissedpeach24 said...

thanks ly!

ButterscotchDreamer said...

love you too!