Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been homeschooling on and off for 17 years. The children basically teach themselves once they get to a certain point. they crave the knowledge. My sons have learning disabilities. I catch myself worrying that they are getting enough school. I need to trust God about their education just like I do everything else. If I put my children's education in God's hands, they will learn everything they need to know! Homeschooling is a journey. God burdened my heart to home school so I must follow His leadership. Some days I just want to give up and send them to school. God never gives up on me! We have are good days. But there are days I want to scream. When you give them the material and they just don't try! that is when it is really frustrating. Some children will do that more than others. You just have to keep the faith and keep trudging onward! My oldest daughter is very studious. She is in college and made the Dean's List. Is it easy for her? No. But she is a hard worker. My youngest daughter has learning disabilities. She hates school. But we have made it to 12th grade. She wants to go to college to become a nurse. My sons are 8 and 10. they have a ways to go. One of my sons has Dyslexia. I was told by a Doctor that my youngest son would not function in a classroom atmosphere. He loves home school! His biggest problem is he does everything way too fast. He needs to slow down so his work will be neat. So, we will continue our journey, one day at a time, with God's help!

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