Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Best Christmas!

When I was about Six years old, I wanted a special doll for Christmas! On Christmas morning my dreams came true! Some how Santa managed to get that Dolly for me! My Daddy made me a beautiful, wooden cradle for my doll! My Mama Dot lovingly sewed the baby bed cushion, soft and silky! I would have rather had that Hand made Christmas present then all the store bought ones money could buy! My Daddy built that cradle with love and that was the best Christmas of all! At that time, my Daddy had never been saved, but he always taught me Christmas wasn't really about the presents or the tree. It was the Birth of Jesus! My Daddy did get saved before he died. My brother, Ricky helped lead him to the Lord. My Daddy is gone now but his love will live on. The cradle in this picture is similar to the one my Daddy crafted with love so many years ago. My cradle was red though.


Shelby said...

what a great post!!! i love your description of you baby craddle and your pretty red blanket for your lovely doll. funny the things we remember from our childhood huh? i love to hear about your childhood.
it made my heart warm when i read the part of your Dad accepting Christ with the help of my beloved. very well written!!!
love u

Sonkissedpeach24 said...

Thanks sis! glad u enjoyed it!