Tuesday, May 04, 2010


My oldest daughter will be having surgery Monday, May 10th to remove a fistula. The fistula is a complication of her Crohn's Disease. She takes Remicade every 8 weeks to control her disease. Remicade can have very dangerous side effects, including cancer. We carried her to Doctor after doctor but none of them knew what she had. One day I felt God speak to me in a small, still voice. He told me that Virginia had a stomach problem. So, finally I made an appt. with a Gastrointestinal Doctor in Chattanooga. Withing five minutes of examining my daughter, he told me she had Crohn's. Her disease was so bad that she had to be put on several medicines. When they did not work, the Dr. decided to try Remicade. The Remicade was supposed to close the fistula up. It has some but not completely. I got so upset when I first found out about her sickness. I couldn't understand why God would let my little girl be sick. He has a plan even though we do not understand

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Kristel said...

My baby is also sick with a stomach disorder. We remain thankful to God for every good day she has. I pray that your daughters surgery has went well and that she well get better soon.